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Twiga is a machine that provide innovative production with a high degree of accuracy, flexibility, and quality, all at a very affordable price.
It is equipped with a CO2 - 60 W / 100 W / 150 W - pulsed or CW- liquid or air cooled -Laser source and a galvanometric head that provides an extremely fast working speed (up to 10 m/s), thus achieving a high level of productivity.

Twiga is able to work many types of materials such as wood, paper, textiles, anodized aluminum, non-toxic polymers,plexiglass, leather, etc. and, for this reason, they’re the ideal machine both for the Textile Market and for the Trophy Market. A Z axis system build with very reliable and strong components allow a variable field from 200mm since 600mm. This flexibility gives you the possibility to offer more solutions to your customers. The huge working area let the machine to be perfect for engraving/cutting on various materials for example decoring denim or T-shirsts allowing to reproduce big patterns in one passage only.

There is the possibily to add some options like the RED POINTER to show before where the Twiga will cut later or the DOUBLE PLATE (SLIDING SYSTEM) which allow to increase the productivity reducing the time to load /unload the materials. The new generation of Galvanometric Head named 3D HYPERSCAN is realized with over dimensioned components allowing the Twiga to have a very thin laser beam ( thinner the laser beam , higher the cutting power).

A red laser pointer allows to reproduce before the shape to be cut in order to have a perfect material positioning.

This system allows the user to prepare a new frame meanwhile the machine is cutting/engraving the first one. A new aspiration system guarantees a valide evacuation of the exausting gases.


  • A Z axis system build with very reliable and strong components allow a variable field from 200mm since 600mm
  • Easy to use with software FocusCutIII
  • Able to work on different kind of materials
  • The new powerful vacuum system allow you to extract all the fumes during the prodaction and to fix materilas over the work area in a good way
  • Hight-tech electronics components and software
  • CE Certify
  • Manual instruction and software multylanguage



Electrical input
1phase 220/240 Vac ±10% - 50/60Hz ±2%
Absorbed power max
3500 W (150W Laser Tube)
Dimensions (WxDxH)
1290 x 1650 x 2170 mm
Laser working area (WxD)
up to 600x600 mm
Fumes Suction unit
metal plate, adjustable distance from scan head
Cutting plane type
metal grid / rear part opened
Fumes extraction
External free-standing type
(upon request also with air purification system)
Laser source type
50 - 60 W - 80 W - 100 W - 150 W (pulsed or CW)
Optical Path
Galvanometric scan head (2D - 3D)
Galvanometric head specifications
Sealed type - digital interface high dinamic performance
FocusCutIII included

The Manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications and improvements without prior warning


Embroidery Hoop Adapter

This option allows to fasten to the Twiga grid any kind of embroidery hoop. In this way it is possible to match with precision the cut/engrave job with the embroidery

Z Axis

You can raise / lower the work plane using a command on the machine

Sliding System

This system allows higher productivity saving time preparing the next frame. Cutting plane with universal fasteners for Embroidery Machine frame

Red Pointer

A red laser pointer allows to reproduce before the shape to be cut in order to have a perfect material positioning

Fumes Extractor

You can connect three types of Fumes Extractor: Standard, Plus and Active Carbon



Have a look to the here above image galleries about works

performed by TWIGA in the field of



Embroidery and Textile


Footwear and Leathergoods

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